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Thursday, 17 April 2014


Hello lovelies,

I realise it is Thursday (only just) and I don't have a proper post for you so I thought I would just give you a little update with what has been keeping me so busy...

Last week was my final week at uni before my 2 week Easter break so it was filled with hectic amounts of work and a lot of fun with my friends. Then on Friday, I hopped on the ferry over to Ireland for a little adventure with my mom, Sarah and the boyfriends. I have taken so many pictures on my flashy new camera so a blog post should follow soon as should some more exciting posts.

The last couple of days we have spent enjoying the weather in the Lake District with friends and eating far too much yummy food.

Speak soon!

Thursday, 10 April 2014


As part of my final project at uni, I have been predicting where will be the most exciting travel destinations over the Autumn Winter season 2014/15. Check out the moodboards I created below for a little inspiration and visual delight :) I think the files are pretty huge so you'll have to be a little patient. 

I've also been looking at destination for S/S 2015 so check back soon for those places.
Do you think you may be visiting any of these places soon? Where would be at the top of your wishlist?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Exciting news... I bought a new camera. I am seriously always taking pictures and have been wanting a DSLR for around 3 years. So last week I decided I wasn't sure why I was still waiting and purchased my new baby from Canon!

I have also been super busy with uni work at the moment with final deadlines looming, hence the lack of exciting posts. Although I have been managing to schedule enough to keep up to date with my Thursdays, I think?

I think I was feeling sorry for myself so bought it to cheer me up... Does anyone else do that? Hah!

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Whenever I manage to get home for a weekend to see my mom, we always like to go out for a catch up lunch. One of my favourite places just outside Carlisle is Orton Grange. It is a farm with a cafe, gift shop, hair salon, swimming pool, conference facilities etc and a new and amazing Cranston's food hall. It makes for a lovely and very yummy girlie afternoon! 

I always pick the same thing from the menu; the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with a hot chocolate and marshmallows. I would also recommend sitting upstairs as there are large plushy sofas and rustic wooden tables. 

Do you guys know of any places in the Carlisle area I should try for lunch next? Let me know! 

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