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Sunday, 12 October 2014


So most people think Kendall Jenner fell onto the runway courtesy of her well known family, okay it probably helped. But lets be honest, you cannot deny during her second fashion week she is fully fledged and absolutely. Killed. It. I've chosen my favourite 4 appearances for your viewing pleasure... 

4. Bottega Veneta at Milan Fashion Week

3. Ports 1961 at Milan Fashion Week

2. Fendi at Milan Fashion Week

1. Diane Von Furstenberg at New York Fashion Week

Daym Kendall. I hope the rumours aren't true about her being bullied at NYFW because no matter what family she comes from it's clear she is both talented and working hard so there is just no need. On the other hand, did you hear about the rumour she is set to be the next Victoria's Secret Angel? I REAlly hope that one is true!

Which was your favourite look of her fashion week season?

Friday, 10 October 2014


One of the ways in which my housemates celebrated the end of our degrees was going wild camping in Scotland! My sister and her boyfriend live in Fife and seem to find a new sweet spot in the area every weekend so we wanted to check it out for ourselves.

The boys spent the first night a 2 hour hike into the Pentland Hills Regional Park just outside of Edinburgh whilst I slept at my sisters flat. The next morning was the Edinburgh Marathon which my sister was taking part in for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, a cause very close to our hearts. I was so incredibly proud of my sister that day. Her sheer determination, Sarah, if you are reading this, you are an inspiration!

We then drove up into Fife from Edinburgh and spent our first night in Elie, with an incredible, uninterrupted view of the coast. We made a camp fire (safely, of course) and warmed up tins of sausages and beans. A feast of Kings no less! We ended the evening with a couple of drinks, watching the sunset and reminiscing about 3 amazing years at University.

The next morning after a breaky of granola and long-life milk we took the ocean road up to St Andrews. I had only ever been to the area when I was much younger so it was lovely to rediscover the picturesque streets all full of character. Our main aim was to go surfing but unfortunately the surf was VERY poor so instead we wandered in and out of the shops. After a paddle in the sea we ended up in the Tailend Restaurant and Fish Bar. Due to the adverse weather conditions and reasonable take away prices we decided to eat in the restaurant and although it was nice and you get free extra chips it was expensive for just 'nice' fish and chips, especially for poor students. 

After popping into Morrisons for braai meat we headed out of the town to the Cameron Reservoir. We walked with all of our camping gear around the reservoir only to find the perfect spot just metres anticlockwise from the car passed a small fisherman's cottage.  We met Sarah and Joe for a braai and and spent the evening chatting and watching the purple sunset. A lovely gentleman came to ask us not to make open fires which we weren't and left us too it. Unfortunately a different, not so lovely man didn't believe we were given permission the next morning but we politely explained the situation and said we were moving on anyway. So just a little tip, make sure you get permission to camp there, but it is worth it!

After a morning back at the beach and a cup of tea back with my sister, it was time to head back down into England. We had so much fun though, it is amazing how much better camping is when the weather is nice!

Do any of you guys know of some great wild camping spots? 
Or fancy a trip up to Fife?

Monday, 6 October 2014


My favourite short walk in the Lakes is around Loweswater followed by a couple of drinks and/or supper at the Kirkstile Inn. At the end of Easter this year we met with some friends for yet another beautiful walk including a picturesque rope swing!

The Belly Pork is one of my favourites, yummy. Are there any short walks in the Lakes you can recommend? 

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